Science - Key Words

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  • Religion and Science
    • Stewardship
      • To look after and care for something
    • Big Bang
      • The universe began through an explosion to form galaxies and planets
    • Dominion
      • People have power, therefore they can do whatever they want
    • Evolution
      • Life developed over a long period of time
    • Ex Nihilo
      • The belief that the world was created out of nothing
    • Survival of the fittest
      • The stronger more adaptable animals survived whilst the weaker ones died out
    • Cosmology
      • The scientific study of the origins of the world
    • Creationism
      • The belief that God is responsible for the creation of the world and humankind
    • Environment
      • The world in which we live and everything around us
    • Bible
      • The book of events and teachings of God which Christians believe to be the word of God


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