Religion and science: Key words

OCR GCSE RS B Topic 6 Religion and science Key words

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Religion and science Key words

Big bang: A scientific theory that a cosmic explosion caused the world to exist

Creation: The act of creating something or the thing that is made, in the bible, the making of the world by God

Creationists/Liberalists:Christians that interpret the Bible literally

Non-literalists: Christians who interpret the Bible to contain important truths but is not a factual account

Genesis: The first book of the Bible which contains the stories of creation

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Religion and science Key words

Humanity: Caring and showing kindness to others

Dominion: Humans have responsibility for the earth

Stewardship: The God-given right to care and manage the world

Evolution: The way in which animals and plants adapt to their surroundings- the survival of the fittest

Ex nihilo: A latin term relating to the creation story meaning 'the universe was created out of nothing'

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