Religion as a force for social change

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  • Social Change
    • Protestant Ethic
      • Relationship between religious ideas and economic development
        • The spirit of capitalism
      • Weber: Calvinism
        • Predestimation = salvation panic
        • Used bible to live and ascentic, this worldly lifestyle
        • Income invested back into businesses
      • Evaluation
        • Hinduism: ascentic but other worldly
        • Confucionism: this worldly but not ascentic
    • Social Protests: Bruce
      • Civil Rights Movement
        • Religious organisations help protest by
          • Taking the moral high ground
          • Acting as a honest broker
          • Mobilising public opinion
        • Aim: racial equality
      • The New Christian Right
        • Aim: bring America back to God
        • Promote their values by Televangelism
        • Unsuccessful because lack of support
    • Neo-Marxism
      • Lehmann: Pentecostal challenge
        • Liberation theory
        • Pentecostal
      • Gramsci
        • Religion is a from of hegemony
        • Inspires social change through ideas of utopia
        • Organic Intellectuals
      • Billings
        • Coal miners vs textile workers
          • Miners encourage social change by leadership, organisation and support
      • Millenarian Movements
        • Cargo cults


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