Relations between the USA and Europe, 1980-6

A mind map showing the various aspects of the relationship between the USA and European states between 1980 and 1986.

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  • Relations between the USA and Europe 1980-6
    • Arms control
      • Europeans worried about US missile build up seeing it as a threat to the ABM Treaty 1972
        • Britain's foreign secretary, Geoffrey Howe, described the ABM Treaty as the 'keystone in the arch of security
        • SDI also seemed to suggest a move towards isolationism away from Europe
          • USA did remain closely committed to NATO
    • Poland and the Soviet Gas Pipeline 1981-2
      • Polish government imposed Martial Law in December 1981 to cope with the new trade union
        • US banned all shipments of agricultural products
        • USA blocked Poland receiving economic support from the IMF
        • The US also stopped sales of oil and gas technology to the Soviet Union
          • This included technology made in Europe under US licence
          • European states saw this as a restriction on trade
            • USA seen to be benefitting at Europe's expense as they signed a grain export treaty with the USSR
              • USA said that it was to stop Europeans becoming dependent on the USSR
              • Europeans saw it as the US trying to put pressure on East-West détente
            • Trade sanctions were withdrawn by the end of 1982 under the premise that no more gas agreements would be made with the USSR
    • Libya 1986
      • USA bombed military targets in Libya
        • Attacks were facilitated by Britain
        • Belief by other European states that helping the USA would lead to more terrorism against their own countries
          • France and Spain refused to let US planes fly through their airspace
      • Reagan's aim to defeat terrorism as  one of the USA's major objectives
    • Thatcher and Reagan
      • While the two were leaders USA and Britain were strongest of allies
      • Reagan delivered speech against the USSR in June 1982 calling for a 'crusade for freedom' against the USSR
      • Disagreements were held over Poland and the gas pipeline
        • Thatcher also  thought SDI would leave Western Europe unprotected
      • Supported US aggression by allowing US planes to use RAF bases for bombing in Libya


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