relationship between US and EU key events - notes (aspects of international relations)

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Relationship between USA and Western Europe key events
Leads to essay question ­ "the relationship between the EU
and the US (19811985) was as strong as it always had
been." How valid?
(looking at high and low points in relationship)
Marshall plan (1947) was vital for the economic recovery of
Western Europe after the Second World War. At this point, the
EU was dependent on the US for economic survival.
The signing of NATO (1956) meant the US guaranteed to defend
the EU from communism.
The response of the red army to the Hungarian uprising (1956)
showed the EU that their actions would have limited effect without
the backing of a superpower.
US disapproval (in the UN) of AngloFrench in the Suez crisis
French withdrawal from military commitment to NATO.
De Gaulle wanted to form relations with Moscow to reassert
France's position as a major power in Europe. (Moving away
from dependency on the US)
Opposition to Vietnam (19591975) Britain refused to sent troops
and other NATO countries disapproved of the actions of the US.
Public disillusionment to Vietnam in EU ­ displayed by student
protests (1968)
Difference in reaction to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979) EU
leaders thought the US response went too far and was influenced
by the Iranian hostage crisis.
Again, difference in reaction to Poland (19801981) EU wanted to
preserve European détente. (the US was reluctant to see an
independent European alliance with the USSR)


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