Relations between Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt

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  • Relations between Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt
    • Churchill and Roosevelt
      • Good early relationship in 1941-43
        • Churchill reinforced their friendship when Germany declared war on the USA and USA enter the war
      • Deteriorated by 1943 as the USA didn't want to  support the British Empire as that impacted their want for free trade
        • USA increased their influence to secure power in Europe
    • Chruchill and Stalin
      • Decent relationship and respect: the percentage agreement showed that both wanted control despite the wants of the Eastern Bloc
      • Tensions about the Second Front and Poland
    • Roosevelt and Stalin
      • Roosevelt was willing to make concessions on Eastern Europe in order to get Russia's support in Japan
    • New Leaders
      • Truman was less inclined to make concessions
      • Attlee's foreign minister Bevin was a tough negotiated who didn't like communism
      • By the end of the war, the realities of Russian influence in Eastern Europe and Truman and Stalin were poised for confrontation


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