Regulating blood glucose

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  • Regulating Blood Glucose
    • Breakdown of starch
      • Chew food
        • Amylase converts starch to glucose
          • Intestinal cells absorbs it
            • Absorbed into blood
              • Absorbed into respiring cells
                • Energy released through respiration
                  • Absorbed into cells and stored as glycogen
    • How the body knows to store glucose
      • Too much glucose in blood causes organ damage
      • Cells in pancreas react to levels of glucose in blood
      • Done by homeostasis and negative feedback
    • High blood glucose
      • Pancreas releases insulin
        • Liver and muscles absorb glucose
          • Glucose used in respiration or stored as glycogen
            • Blood glucose level falls
    • Low blood glucose
      • Pancreas release glucagon
        • Liver converts glycogen to glucose
          • Released into bloodstream
            • Blood glucose levels increase


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