Reflex Actions

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  • Reflex Actions
    • Reflex
      • When you touch something hot or sharp you pull your hand back before you do so. Automatic responses such as this are called Reflexes.
      • Good, because help you avoid danger or harm. Reflexes happen in body, moving food through gut and breathing.
      • Include 3 neurons: Sensory, Motor, Relay
    • Reflex Arc
      • 1. Electrical Impulse passes from Sensory receptor along sensory neuron to CNS
      • 2. It passes along relay neuron. In spinal chord and back along motor neuron.
      • 3. From there impulse arrives at effector organ.
      • KEY POINT
        • impulse bypasses concious area in brain time between stimulus and reflex action is short as possible
    • Relay Neuron
      • Connect sensory and motor neurons. Relay neurons in CNS
    • Synapses
      • Nerves aren't joined directly together. There are junctions in between called synapses. Electrical impulses have to cross these synapses.


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