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  • Nervous system
    • The central nervous system is the brain and spinal cord.
      • Once the information hits the central nervous system, there is a choice of two things
        • Reflex action
          • The message may be passed straight to a motor neurone via a relay neurone, this is a quick process.
            • Reflex actions are fast, they protect the body and they do not need conscious thought.
              • All reflex actions involve the brain, the pupil reflex govia the brain for example.
                • Reflex actions
        • Voluntary action
          • The message can be sent to the higher centres of the brain and the organism might decide to make a response.
            • Vountary actions ned a conscious decision in order to take place. They therefore always involve the brain.
    • Reflex arc
      • The reflex arc does not require a conscious action, which might be too slow
        • A reflex arc is the subconscious movement from a stimulus that can cause harm e.g bee sting.
        • The cerebral hemisphere is the area of the brain where the decisions are made. Nerve impulses from here are sent down the spinal cord to effectors via the motor neurones.


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