Reducing the Gap, Tourism (Jamaica) - Example

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  • Jamaica
    • Employment
      • :) tourism provided 200000 jobs either directly or indirectly
      • :) Employment in tourism provides income which helps to boost the local economy
      • :) Those in employment learn new skills
    • Infrastructure
      • :) Tourism has led to a high level of investment on the North coast
      • :( Improvements in roads and airports have been slower than other facilities
      • :( some parts of the island remain isolated
    • Quality of Life
      • :) In the Northern tourism areas of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, wealthy Jamaicans have a high standard of living
      • :( However, large numbers of people live nearby in poor housing with inadequate access to fresh water, health care and education
    • The Environment
      • :) Coservation and landscaping projects provide job opportunities
      • :)  Communitytourism and sustainableecotourism is expanding in more isolated regions
      • :( Mass tourism can create environmental problems such as footpath erosion, excessive waste and harmful emissions
        • :)  Communitytourism and sustainableecotourism is expanding in more isolated regions
    • Economy
      • :) In 2014, tourism contributed24% of Jamaica's GDP
      • :) Income from tourism is US$ 2 billion each year and taxes contribute further to the development of the country


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