South Africa Unit 3

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  • Redefining resistance and challenges to NP power 1968 - 1983
    • Black Consciousnes-s and the Soweto Uprising
      • Steve Biko and SASO
        • Late 1960s, new momentum developed in opposition, in the unis apartheid applied following "The extension of Uni Edu Act (Passed 1959)
          • NP still wanted to completely segregate higher education
        • Bantu education was heavily criticised
          • I.B.Tabata wrote a book  "Education for Barbarism" which evaluated the system but turned out to be a double ended sword
            • Designed to cut down African's elites aspirations to join common society, instead it also greatly extended higher education for black people.
          • Nationalists realised that whites couldn't provide all skills needed for economic development in SA
            • They also realised if they wanted an effective self - government they would need a lot more of the professionals and officials they had


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