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  • Recycling
    • Recycling means reusing resources to reduce our impact on the environment.
    • If materials are not recycled they get thrown away as waste. This means that:
      • There is more waste so more land has to be used for landfill sites.
      • Some waste is toxic so this means more pollution of land.
      • More materials have to be manufactures or extracted to make new products which uses up the Earth's resources and eneryg.
    • Recyling uses up less of the natural resources and less energy so causes less pollution
    • Paper is produced from wood. Recycling paper means that less tress have to be cut down to meet demands which helps prevent deforestation.
    • Plastics are made from crude oil - so recycling plastic would be preserving our oil resources.
    • Metals are extracted from ores. There's a limited amount of metal ore. Mining ores take up energy which comes from burning fossil fuels. Recycling metals would mean less CO2 is released into the atmosphere
    • However recycling still uses up energy, waste materials can be difficult and time consuming to sort out, the quality of recycled materials isn't as good as new products.




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