Reasons for the survival of ethnic sports

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  • Reasons for Survival/  characteristics of Ethnic sports
    • Traditional
      • A celebration of the past
    • Local
      • Often unique to the area; increases local pride
    • Rowdy
      • Traditionally these occasions are associated with drinking, singing and celebration
    • Tourism
      • From the earliest days, people from surrounding villages would travel by foot to attend. Today, with improved transport and technology , they continue to be tourists and even media attractions
    • Festival/Ritual
      • Untitled
    • Occasional/ Annual
      • A desire to escape the pressures of modern living and occasionally return to a simple 'Olde Worlde' way of life (often on a bank holiday)
    • Relatively Isolated
      • The comparative isolation and inaccessibility of some rural areas allows local customs to prevail
    • Social
      • Important social occasions bringing community together; often focussed on the 'pub'


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