Reasons for the failure of 1848 revolutions

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  • Reasons for Failure
    • Lack of Popular Support
      • Peasants didn't help as they didn't benefit from liberalims
      • Piedmont didn't want any other support
      • didn't have big enough armies to defeat Austria as all states were working individual
      • Papal Allocution
    • Lack of Unity
      • There was no cooperation between groups EG: Charles Albert didn't want volunteers from other states
      • They all have different aims and objectives
      • No national leader
    • Poor Leadership
      • Charles Albert was weak
    • Papal Allocution
      • Pope withdraws any support of nationlism
      • Many went against the Risorgimento as the Pope went against it
    • Foreign Intervention
      • Austria was strong - Radetzky
        • Had a super army
      • Napoleon sided with the Pope


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