Reasons for different educational achievement for ethnic minority groups

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  • reasons for different achievement of ethnic minority groups.
    • no role models- especially black males
    • labelled negatively due to a small groups behaviour.
    • cultural differences e.g, traveler girls have different traditional roles in the family- there families don't share the same values in education and the wider community shuns upon girls valuing education.
    • material deprivation- usually 3rd world countries  are the poorest (also Pakistanis and indians are the poorest in the UK)
    • Restricted and elaborated cose- Bernstone study-Language barrior
    • Shared view on racism- Racism becomes the norm e.g, the metropolitan police force and the case of steven
    • Some schools are said to be racist and have a ethnocentric curriculum- only focuses on white peoples culture.
    • Interactionalists- Normally it is the ethnic minorities who are labeled badly by teachers
    • Cultural differences- different norms and values from the rest of society
    • Institutional racism
    • stereotype- the media
    • Sub-culture-anti-school? own rules, expectations, status
    • a sense of anomie- normlessness
    • Hidden curriculum e.g, Jamaican boys are taught that id they are being told of they are not allowed to look in the eyes- were as if that happened in a english school we would think he was being rude
    • Difference between home and school understanding e.g, at home you might be told a narrative based on your family history however in school they will focus on the white side of the story.
  • no role models- especially black males


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