reason for the great turn

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  • reasons for the great turn
    • slow pace of industrialisation under NEP
      • stalins was anxious to increase russia military strength and self sufficiency
      • serious weakenessesin industrial management needed to be addressed
      • more efficiency needed to increase production and quality of goods
    • grain procurement crisis
      • in 1927-28 winter, grain purchased by government was 25% down prev. year
      • local party officials blamed the peasants for hoarding their grain in hope for high places, kulaks were esp. blamed
    • stalins changing attitude
      • having previously. supported NEP, stalin was ready for something more radical
        • this could have been because circumstances pushed him to or because now is position was firm, he set secure enough to do what he acc wanted
    • ideological concerns about NEP
      • many wanted the economic policy to be true communism
        • for this  it was essential to develop industry, and not have a state dependent on procuring grain that peasants grow
      • the state had lost control over countryside and control had to be regained to focus on ideological path


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