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  • Reaching a Verdict
    • Persuading a jury
      • Pennington and Hastie
        • To investigate the extent of impact story order evidence has on a jurors decision
      • Cutler et al.
        • To investigate if hearing about psychological research from a witness, which casts doubt on the accuracy of eye-witness testimony, affects jurors decision.
      • Pickle
        • 1) To look at the effects of prior convictions  2) To look at the role of the judge's instructions when they were followed by a legal explanation 3) To examine how much the credibility of the witness affects the juror's ability to ignore inadmissible statements.
    • Attractiveness of the defendant
      • Castellow et al.
        • To test the hypothesis that an attractive defendant is less likely to be seen as guilty, and that attractive victims are more likely to win their case
      • Penrod and Cutler
        • To examine several factors eg. confidence,  that jurors might consider when evaluation eyewitness identification evidence
      • Ross et al.
        • To see if protective shields increased guilty verdicts, and the effects of protective devices on jury reaction
    • Reaching a verdict
      • Hastie et al.
        • Stages and influences on decision making
      • Asch
        • The effects of conformity to a majority
      • Nameth and Wachtler.
        • To investigate the influence of perceived autonomy


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