Rate of Photosynthesis

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  • Rate of Photosynthesis
    • Not enough light slows down the rate of photosythesis
      • Provides energy needed for photosythesis
      • When light is no longer a factor, then either the temperature or the CO2 level will be the limiting factor
      • Experiment- beach lamp to control the intensity of light
    • Too little carbon dioxide also slows it down
      • CO2 is one of the raw materials for photosynthesis
      • When CO2 is no longer a factor, the either light or temperature will be the limiting factor
      • Experiment- large flask and do it as quickly as you can, so that the plant doesn't use up too much of the CO2 in the flask
    • The temperature has to be just right
      • If the plant gets too hot, the enzymes needed for photosynthesis and its other reactions will be damaged (45 degrees)
      • Experiment- keep flask in a water bath to help keep the temperature constant
    • Artificially create the ideal environment
      • Greenhouse- trap suns heat and make sure the temperature doesn't become limiting
      • Greenhouse- supply artificial light after the sun goes down
      • Greenhouse- paraffin heater to increase levels of CO2


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