Rate Of Photosynthesis

These study cards will present to you information about the rate of photosynthesis, the factor's that affect the rate and how you can artificially create the ideal conditions for farming.

The Rate of photosynthesis.

Rate of photosynthesis: The speed at which photosynthesis occurs.

The rate of photosynthesis is affected by: The intensity of light

                                                                  The volume of Carbon Dioxide

                                                                  The temperature

Plants also need water but if a plant is so short of water it becomes the limiting factor in photosynthesis, it's already in huge trouble.

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Limiting Factor

Any of the three factors can become the limiting factor:

Stops photosynthesis from happening any faster

Enviromental conditions effect which factor is limiting:

Night: No light

Winter: Temperature- Too cold

Warm and Bright: Carbon dioxide- limiting

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