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  • Ralph
    • represents Civilization
      • Built "like a boxer" suggesting power BUT "mildness about his mouth" that suggests he is good-natured
      • Strong sense of Fair Play- shocked when jack punches piggy and takes his glasses
      • Responsible- He makes sure piggy will look after littleuns when he goes looking for the beast
      • Law and order- takes charge of boys and gives them jobs to make the island better, believes in the conch
      • Clings to the hope of rescue and returning to civilisation
    • He isn't perfect
      • Joins in laughing at Piggy and Simon showing he is capable of hurting others
      • Gives into animistic instincts - gnaws meat "like a wolf"
      • Takes part in Simon's death, is ashamed however lets piggy persuade him it wasn't their fault
        • Even Ralph descending into SAVAGERY
          • Gives into animistic instincts - gnaws meat "like a wolf"
      • By involving Ralph - the hero- in acts of evil Golding is conveying his belief in inherent evil
    • Represents flawed democracy
      • Fails to carry out promises- shelters
        • Possibly representing Golding's dissatisfaction with government during ww2- good intentions but ineffective in stopping atrocities
      • Frustrated that  other boys don't share his opinion on the beast and that they should "decide there's nothing to it"
        • Reminder that all boys are children, they can't solve problems using logic and reason- foreshadows later events and builds an atmosphere of fear
    • Ralph and Piggy
      • When being hunted he realises how much he needs piggy to "talk sense" and when they are rescued grieves for the loss "of a true, wise friend called Piggy
    • Ralph and Jack represent conflict between civilization and barbarity
      • At first respect one another and look at each other with "shy liking"
      • Ralph sees "indefinable connection" between them and this creates tension for the reader as only one can win
    • Emotions change from one of exciting adventure and those of despair and terror
      • At first delighted with island, excited as no grown ups and confident of rescue- trusts civilized world
  • later he feels the "wearisomeness" of life its not the adventure he expected and his "understandable and lawful world" begins to slip away
  • His deepest despair is at the end of the book where he realises his inncoent view of a fair and decent world is lost forever


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