Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven - Castle Rock

day after the attack on the other camp.  Ralph, Piggy and Samneric try and look civilised as they go to Jack's tribe. Ralph and Jack argue about the glasses. Roger kills piggy and shatters the conch and Jack claims power  and Ralph is left on his own. Both Intelligence and Authority have been destroyed so nothing can stop Jack.  Piggy takes the conch and tries to speak, calling Jack's tribe 'like a crowd of kids'. Jack is totally unaffected by Piggy's death and carries on as normal. 

Chapter Twelve- Cry of the Hunters

It's the final day and Ralph is on his own. Samneric warn Ralph but are tortued into telling jack where Ralph is hiding. The Tribe light a fire and Ralph runs to get away from the tribe. Then he bumps into a naval officer, who is surprised when Ralph tells him that they are two dead.  Ralph destroys the pig's head with is bare hands, and the fire takes hold of the island. When the Naval officer comes, all the boys burst into tears. 

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