Lord Of The Flies: Ralph

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Ralph: The elected chief on the Island.
Name Meaning: 'counsel' from Anglo-Saxon origin.

First Impression Quotes:
'Eyes that proclaimed no devil': This description of Ralph's eyes clearly references Beezlebub, The LOTF and shows his innocence.
'The fair boy': A description of Ralph's physical appearence shows that pale and blond, or could also his ability to be fair and reasonable.
'Plunged in': This clearly shows that Ralph is hasty, not always cautious.
'He'll come and rescue us': This clearly shows Ralph immaturity, in his belief that he will be saved by his father.
'He returned as a fighter plane': This shows that Ralph is childish and immature.

Ralph's Storyline:

  • Ralph is elected leader.
  • Ralph, Jack and Simon go on an exploration to see if they can get off the island.
  • Ralph builds a fire.
  • He is the first character to notice that the boys are breaking up 'Things are breaking up... we began well; we were happy'.
  • Jack begins to overthrow Ralph as chief.
  • Ralph tries to reassure the boys that there isn't a beast.
  • He leads a misson to find the beast and prove its not real.
  • As Ralph spends time with the Hunters, he realises hunting isn't that bad 'felt that hunting was good after all'.
  • Ralph takes part in Simon's…


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