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  • Ralph
    • Appearance
      • He is an attractive, young boy.
        • 'There was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil’
      • He is physically strong and has the appearance of a leader.
        • 'You could see now that he might make a boxer, as far as width and heaviness of shoulders went’
      • His appearance deteriorates gradually and time is shown passing through his hair.
        • 'he pushed back his mop'
    • Behaviour
      • At the start Ralph is childish just like the rest of the boys
        • 'Ralph went on squirting for some minutes'
      • Becomes more and more nervous and turns into a vague outline of his old self.
        • 'They were bitten down to the quick'
      • At the beginning he is dismissive of Piggy but grows to admire him.
        • 'Ralph shook his head and increased his speed.'
    • Speech
      • He is very opinionated but tries to settle things with his speech.
        • 'But I tell you there isn't a beast!'
      • Ralph speaks with good English, unlike Piggy, and mocks how others speak.
        • '***-mar'
        • 'My father'
      • He is inquisitive towards Jack and his ideas but is sure that what he says is the right thing to do is.
        • 'Shut up! Wait! Listen!'
        • 'Why didn't you?'
    • Opinions of others
      • Sometimes thinks that he is superior to others and has had a better upbringing.
        • 'My father's in the navy.'
      • He gradually grows to hate Jack but at the start he thinks very highly of him. When Jack turns savage, Ralph dislikes him
        • 'They looked at each other, baffled, in love and hate.'
      • He thinks highly of SamnEric and Piggy because they were loyal to him but seeks approval of more boys.
        • 'There;s some littl'uns...Oh-SamnEric' 'anybody else?'
      • Ralph is reluctant to believe in the beast and is skeptical of those who do. But he starts to believe more when SamnEric say that they've seen it.
        • 'He handed the conch to Eric, the nearest of the twins.


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