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  • Jack
    • Appearance
      • He appears weaker at the start
        • 'He was thin and bony'
      • He has a dangerous side
        • 'his hair was red beneath the black cap'
      • Jack's eyes are always used in the novel to depict his emotions.
        • 'Out of this face stared two light blue eyes, frustrated now, and turning, or ready to turn, to anger.'
    • Speech
      • He is a leader from the very start when him and his choir is first mentioned. He orders the other boys around.
        • 'Choir! Stand still!'
        • '... the offhand superiority in his voice...'
      • He speaks very arrogantly and assumes an authoritative role.
        • 'I can sing C-sharp'
    • Behaviour
      • He is rebellious and goes from being a patient second in command to a complete savage.
        • '******** to the rules!'
      • He has a violent temper that Ralph sees early on.
        • '...turning, or ready to turn, to anger...'
      • Jack becomes savage and is trying to mask/hide his former civilised self.
        • 'he smeared on the clay.'
    • Opinions of others
      • He thinks of the others as inferior and totally disregards the littl'uns throughout the book.
        • 'Kids names... Why should I be Jack? I'm Merridew.'
      • From the start, Jack is vicious and cruel towards Piggy and continues.
        • 'You're talking too much... Shut up, Fatty!'
      • Later on we see Jack's opinions of others were that they should only obey him.
        • 'chief'


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