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  • Rainforest
    • Every hectare has more species in it then the UK.
    • Some organisms are on the ground.
      • Some climb trees.
        • Some live high in the canopy.
          • This all creates the largest biodiversity on earth.
            • All these species create many genes.
              • The large gene pools mean there are a number of medicines that can only be found here.
            • Biodiversity hotspot.
    • Primary producers use photosynthesis to create food.
      • Primary producers are always at the start of a food web.
        • Meaning many consumers eat them.
          • However decomposers will always ending up eating dead consumers and so the cycle continues
    • 2 key factors are required for the amount of greenery in a rainforest.
      • 1. Energy from sunlight all year round
      • 2. A lot of water.
        • the rainforest creates some of its own rain through transpiration.
          • Transpiration is when the heat evaporates water from within the leaves.
            • This the comes back via precipitation.
    • Tropical Rainforests are aseasonal.
      • Meaning there are no distinct seasons.
    • Rainforests are very good at creating fertile soil through the nutrient cycle.
      • Because there are no seasons, trees shed their leaves all year round.
        • The decomposers break down these leaves so nutrients are released back into the soil
          • The process of washing nutrients out of the leafs, into the soil and then out the soil with water is called leaching.
            • The strong compounds remain and the soil become red because of this, it leaves the soil without nutrients.
    • Felled trees create large gaps for things to grow into.
      • The forest layer is as follows:
        • Shrub Layer
          • Canopy
            • Main canopy
              • Untitled
            • Many fruiting plants meaning there are many animals here.
        • Key forest features:
          • Drip tip leaves.
            • Buttress Roots for stability.
              • Lianas start on the forest floor but grow to latch onto trees so they don’t support their own body weight. They use their excess energy to grow higher quicker.
                • There’s a lot of fruiting plants
      • In mature rainforests, there is little light reaching the shrub layer so there isn’t much undergrowth.


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