Raine et al (1997)Studying brain abnormalities in murders

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  • Raine et al (1997)Studying brain abnormalities in murders
    • Raine et al used a PET scan to look for differences in brain activity between 41 people (39 male and 2 female) who were charged with murder and pleading not guilty for reasons of sanity
    • 6 cases of schizophrenia
    • 23 cases of head injury
    • 3 cases of drug abuse
    • 2 affective disorders
    • 2 epilepsy
    • 3 Hyperactivity or learning difficulties
    • 2 personality disorders
    • Mean age of group was 34.3 years
    • Controls matched on age & sex of 6 NGRIS
    • 6 Matched with 6 other people with no murder history
    • Offenders in custody kept medication free for 2 weeks before brain scanning. control group medication free
    • Iv- murders and none murders
    • DV- Brain abnormality s
    • Results
      • NGRIs found less activity in their perforontal and perietal areas and more activity in their occipital areas and no difference in their temporal areas
      • Results from the subcortial areas found less activity in the corpus
      • Had more activity is right sided than left


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