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  • Radical Feminism
    • Origins
      • arose from debates within the Womens Movement in early 1970s
        • Womens Movement: loose association of campaigning and self education groups created by 2nd wave feminism of 1960s
        • arguments about patriarchy and relation with men - propelled many women towards political SEPERATISM
          • SEPERATISM
            • Principle applied by minority groups (gender, ethnic, religious)
            • These groups REJECT the REFORMIST APPROACH
              • Where individuals wish to gain entry to mainstream society on equal terms
                • In contrast they argue that mainstream society isn't worth joining as its irredeemably corrupt/unreformable
                  • Only solution: create their OWN SOCIETY
            • insistence of WOMEN ONLY organisations
              • arguing for complete exclusion of men from campaigns on womens issues even as supporters on demonstrations organised in support of womens issues
    • Many radical feminists took inspiration from SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR – book – ‘The Second Sex’
      • Argued that gender dominates women’s lives
        • The stereotypical ‘male’ image is portrayed as desirable social norm – implies that the ‘female’ is a deviation
      • Supported by other writers such as


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