Quantitative Chemistry 2

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  • Quantitative Chemistry
    • Concentration
      • Mass/Volume= Concentration (g/dm^3)
      • Moles/Volume = Concentration(mol/dm^3)
        • Volume in dm^3
          • Mass/Volume= Concentration (g/dm^3)
          • 1dm^3 = 1000cm^3
    • Percentage Yield
      • The amount of desired product formed in a reaction
      • Actual Yield/ Theoretical   Yield        X100= Percentage Yield
    • Atom Economy
      • Mr of Desired Products / sum of Mr of all reactants in equation X100
    • Avogadro's Law
      • Equal Volumes of all gases at the same temp. and pressure, have the same number of molecules
        • At room temp. and pressure, the volume of 1 mole of a gas is equal to 24dm^3
      • Volume= moles X 24


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