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  • QR Codes
    • Definition
      • 2D Barcode widely used worldwide due to popularity of smartphones/effective use in leisure industry
      • Can be read/scanned from mobile devices & links to destnation
      • Will be on most of OCER's printed material
    • Use
      • 1. Download a QR Reader
        • Use an app on appstore that is free or cheap
      • 2. Scan the QR Code
        • Use camera on app to scan
      • 3. Translate the QR Code
        • App will complete scan & display translated code e.g. link to URL that can be stored in favourites or opened
    • Creation
      • 1.Find suitable QR code creation software
        • Compatible features with most QR reader
        • Tracks & analyses performance of a suitable code
      • 2. Create QR Code with destination link
        • Most are based on templates that are  modified e.g. suitable colour scheme
        • Code will be output in a chosen format e.g. PNG or PDF
        • Destination link will be added e.g. text file/website/audio & video/email
      • 3. Test the created code
        • Once created should be printed & tested so it can be read & has a correct link
        • After testing can printed onto marketing material e.g. posters/brochures/tickets to convey correct info to customers & public
      • 4. Tracking & Analysis
        • Feature will allow OCER to find out how much traffic comes from each particular QR code
    • Pros & Cons
      • Pros
        • A simple scan captures all info that can be saved without writing
        • Easy to create
        • Cheap form of advertising
        • Can boost traffic to linked website
        • Can be used to get feedback on shows
        • Can get people to sign up for regular email newsletter
        • Routes people to social networking sites
      • Cons
        • Not heavily used as most  people don't know what codes are or how they work
        • User needs to have suitable technology to scan codes e.g. smartphone camera & reader app
    • Possible Links
      • Text File
        • E.g. with details of current & future shows
        • E.g. with a special other i.e voucher
      • Website
        • E.g. to their website or pages on it & social media
        • More successful when diff links or pages are used for diff posters e.g. poster advertising tickets should link to booking
        • Linked webpage contains more info than poster
      • Video/Audio
        • E.g. clip of trailer or interview of cast
      • Email
        • Email can be sent when code scanned which can be accessed by smartphone
        • Users can receive message & can easily save the contact email  into address book


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