literary ciriticism 3

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Book 1: 3

The word used for power is dominationi - extreme -"dominion" - implies Augustus reducing roman nobles to a servile master/slave role - highly critical. the word choice susidia - lit reinforcements - referring to his heirs makes out Augustus is protecting his power in almost military fashion. 

Marcellus: family connection clear in sorois filium  and admodum adulescentem intensifies youth

Marcus Agrippa: A geminatis consulatibus v rare, only given to members of imperial family. he is not without merit: bonum militia et victoriae socium is chiasmus. Tacitus makes it dynastic again by taking him  "generum"(son in law)

augustus: made more calculating by dispassionate ab abso " defuncto marcello". shown to be proactive with tricolon "extulit...sumpsit..auxit" ie, he goes down 3 different routes/options.  

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