P.W.L Paper 2

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  • P.W.L Paper 2
    • Identify other ways how job vacancies can be advertised.
      • Recruitment agencies
      • Internet
      • Word of mouth
      • Job centres
      • Newspapers
      • Jornals
    • What should be done before naming people as referees?
      • Permission should be asked so that they know who they are talking about and if its okay with them to use them as a reference.
    • Who would be more suitable for a reference?
      • Your school form teacher:
        • Because they see you in an informal environment and they no what your behavior is like in school
      • The employer from your part-time job:
        • Because they no if you are always on time and if you are trust worthy, they no your work ethic, punctuality & attendance
    • List 6 points that you should include in a letter of application for the job advert
      • Sign the letter
      • Job title
      • salutation
      • Brief suitability for the job
      • where the job was advertised/ how you found out about the job
      • Address (enclosed CV)
    • How to prepare for an interview
      • prepare cue cards
      • turn up on time or early
      • Ask questions
      • research the company
      • how are you going to get to the interview
      • Dress to impress the interviewr


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