Legislation and Consultation

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  • Legislation
    • Parliamentary Sovereignty = Parliament is the top legal authority and can pass new laws or stop old ones
    • Green Paper = ideas for a new law
    • White Paper = proposal for law
    • Bill to Act
    • The Debating Process
      • First Reading
        • Introduced formally
      • 2nd Reading
        • Debated fully, vote is taken and if majority approve, the bill is passed
      • Standing Committee
        • Group of MPs examine the bill carefully, making alterations
      • Report Stage
        • HOCs approve or change the ammendments - change is made if there is a lot of opposition or public pressure
      • Third Reading
        • Amended bill is presented to HOCs and they take a vote
      • HOLs
        • Same process as the commons, and goes back to them if they want to change anything
      • Royal Assent
        • Queen signs off the bill and it becomes an act
    • Can take immediate action on emergency situations
      • e,g terror attacks
    • Consultation
      • Social media (YT)
      • Opinion Polls
      • Websites
      • Green/white papers
    • Westminster working?
      • Faults
        • Unrepresentative = men, elite, few minorities and 3 line whip
      • Checks and Balances
        • Parliamentary sovereignty
        • Executive, Legislative, Judiciary
        • Judicial review
        • Parliamentary Enquiry
        • Select committees


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