Geography - Push and pull factors

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  • 'Push' and 'Pull' Factors of moving to cities in poor countries
    • Push
      • drought
        • crops fails, so people have no money to buy food - they starve
      • lack of job opportunites
      • overgrazing by animals
        • soil erosion
      • remoteness
        • lack of services
        • lack of investment
      • large families
        • high birth rate
        • many do not own any land
        • not enough land for each heir
      • poor seed and tools, little fertiliser, low output, insufficient food, malnutrition
      • pests eat  crops and cause ill-health
      • floods
      • crops for export - not local use
        • people sell their food, then have to buy their own food so they are not self sufficient, and may to have enough money to buy food
    • Pull
      • better paid jobs in industry
      • higher salaries
      • better housing, schools and hospitals
        • people think the housing is better, but they can't actually afford these things
      • more reliable sources of food
      • shops and entertainment


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