DT - Push & Pull Factors

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  • Push & Pull Factors
    • Push
      • Convincing you that you need the product.
      • Promotional strategy
        • Businesses attempt to take their products to the customers.
      • Marketers are attempting to 'push' their products at the consumers.
      • Common Sales Tactics
        • Sell merchandise directly to customers via company showrooms.
        • Negotiating with retailers.
        • Point-of-sale displays
          • E.G. Beauty Counters (Boots/ Debenhams)
          • E.G. Fragrance Counters
            • Beneficial for both well-established products as well as new lines that need additional promotion.
    • Pull
      • Gets the customers to come to you.
      • Common Sales Tactics
        • Mass media promotions.
        • Word-of-mouth referrals.
        • Advertised sales promotions.
        • E.G. Apple Products.
          • Promote products via retailers.
            • E.G. Carphone Warehouse
            • E.G. Vodafone
          • Most effective promotional tools for Apple tend to be personal selling and trade promotions.
      • Is an attempt at creating 'brand loyalty'.
        • Keeps customers coming back.
      • Strategies require high spending on advertising and consumer promotion.
        • Builds up consumer demand for the product.
        • Expensive to make the brand and its products.
      • E.G. Marketing Toys
        • Stage 1 - Advertise product.
          • Stage 2 - Parents/Children see the advertisement and want to buy the toy.
            • Stage 3 - Increases demand for the toy causing retailers trying to stock the product in their stores.
        • E.G. Xbox
    • The Marketing Mix
      • Marketing - Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time.
      • 'Mix' - trying to get the balance right between the different elements.
        • Marketing strategy
        • E.G. If the take up of a newly priced service is poor, there are a few ways to improve it.
          • Change the service.
          • Deliver it in a way that is more convenient for the user.
          • Improve quality of promotion (instead of cutting prices).
      • The 4 P's
        • Product
          • Defining the characteristics of your product or service to meet the customers needs.
        • Price
          • Deciding a pricing strategy.
          • Not charging for a service is still a pricing strategy.
          • Identifying total costs of the product.
            • Should be lower than what you charged customers in order to make a profit.
        • Promotion
          • Advertising
          • Personal selling
          • Sales promotions
            • E.G. Special Offers
          • Atmospherics
            • Creating the right impression through the working environment.
          • Public Relations (PR)
        • Place
          • Or distribution.
          • Location
          • Where a service/ product is sold/ delivered.
            • E.G. Are Hunter willies needed in Africa with such a dry climate?


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