Public Health (Medicine Through Time)

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  • Public Health
    • Key Individuals
      • Booth and Rowntree - Surveyed poverty in London and York
      • Joseph Bazalgette - Built the London sewer system, it's still used today
      • Pasteur - Published and proved germ theory, showing that there was a link between germs and dirt
      • John Snow- Proved that water carried cholera and got the water pump  on Broad Street removed
      • William Farr - Built up evidence of links between poverty and death
      • Edwin Chadwick - Wrote a report influencing the government and was the basis of the 1848 Public Health Act
      • William Beveridge - Wrote a report suggesting what should be done to improve living standard after the war
    • Important Events
      • 1942 - The Beveridge Report made suggestions as to how to improve living standards
      • 1875 - The public health act made it compulsory for local councils to provide fresh water and sewers
      • 1858 - London's sewer system was designed and built, meaning that sewage could be disposed of cleanly
      • 1948 - The NHS was set up, providing everybody with free healthcare
      • 1848 - The public health act was passed to try and reduce cholera, but it didn't work and was abolished after six years
      • 1864 -Pasteur conducted a number of experiments proving that germ theory was try, this made people a lot more willing to pay taxes to improve public health
      • 1911 - The National Insurance Act was passed, workers were given free medical care and sick pay if they fell ill and couldn't work


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