psychopathology - summary

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  • Psycho-pathology
    • definitions of abnormality
      • statistical infrequency - a numerically unusual behavior or characteristic - i.e. having an IQ below 70 is part of the diagnosis of IDD
        • real life applications - IQ
        • not everyone benefits from a label - a person with intellectual disability disorder but still functioning may only be harmed by diagnosis
      • deviation from social norms- social judgements about what is acceptable - i.e antisocial personality disorder features behaviors that are not socially acceptable
        • cultural relativism - could be used to misjudge other cultures (imposed etic)
        • can lead to human rights abuses - being LGBTQIA is still completely against social norms in some countries
      • failure to function adequately - failing to cope with the demands of that individuals everyday life- i.e. failing to function is also part of the diagnostic process of IDD
        • is it just deviation from social norms? the norm in most cultures involves coping with your daily life
        • considers patients perspective - some extreme sports players might be seen in the social norms def as undergoing risk behavior, but it is their lifestyle
      • deviation from ideal mental health - Jahoda wrote criteria for ideal mental health and anything that differed was^ includes rationality and coping with stress
        • sets an unrealistically high standard for mental health
        • a comprehensive definition, covers many parts of a persons lifestyle that could affect mental well being


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