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  • Psychopathology
    • The Approaches in Psychology
      • Biological
        • due to a biochemical, organic or genetic reason
        • behaviour is because of a physical situation
      • Psychdynamic
        • a result of repressed conflict or previous trauma
      • Learning theories
        • mostly learnt via classical or operant conditioning or social learning
          • learnt from those around them
      • Cognitive
        • because of the way our thoughts and informations are processed
      • Humanist
        • explained from the point of view of the individual and their choices
    • Abnormalities
      • Clear definitions are needed when deciding what is normal and what is not
        • when deciding if treatment is needed
      • age
      • frequency
      • reason (is it symptomatic)
      • control of their behaviour
      • is it affecting sleep routines or relationships?
    • The study of psychological disorders
      • Why?
        • these problems are becoming more frequent
        • knowledge on how to treat these problems
      • What problems?
        • defining what is wrong with someone
        • consistency
        • personal (sensitive topic)
        • not just one cure
      • what is useful about using statistics?
        • very precise (objective)
        • does not rely on opinions
        • easy to compare and present data
        • suggests that certain behaviours are undesirable


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