Celebrity Stalking

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  • Celebrity stalking
    • Stalking
      • the repeated following and harassing of a person that threatens their safety
      • most stalking takes places between people who know each other
      • Celebrities are particularly prone to stalking
        • eg Madonna was stalked by Robert Hoskins who stalked Madonna and threatened to slash her throat if he didn't agree to marry her
    • Attachment style
      • Bartholomew
      • pre-occupied attachment  style connected with stalking
        • individuals have a poor self image and a positive image of others
        • stalking is because individuals over value others and perceive contact with celebrities that they are acceptable and values
      • tonin
        • measured stalkers retro-spective attachment style
          • using two sel-report measures
        • compared attachment styles of stalkers, criminals and general public
          • the stalkers had significantly more evidence of insecure attachment styles
    • real world application
      • Roberts found individuals  with a lower self esteem were more prone to stalking
        • deterministic
      • for persistent stalkers a clinical interventions can help them to be aware of their attachment difficulties
    • Maltby et al
      • a tendency to engage in stalking could be caused by an underlying psychopathology
      • correlation between OCD and intense celebrity worship
    • Measuring stalking
      • case studies are difficult to generalise
        • complex range of causes and psychopathology influences
      • ranges of stalking
        • eg looking regularly at their Facebook to breaking into their house
      • tested with Vignettes
        • short written descriptions of events, behaviour or people which can be used n experimental settings


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