Psychological Explanations of Schizophrenia

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  • Psychological Explanations
    • Cognitive Explanations
      • McKenna
        • Defect in selective attention
          • Attentional mechanism fail to filter incoming stimuli and process to extract meaning
            • Over-whelmed by sensory information
      • Frith
        • Inability to distinguish between internal and external stimuli
      • Explains auditory hallucinations
        • Mistaken early interpretation of non sound as voices
        • Own thoughts seem alien
      • Faulty filtering of irregularity in neuronal pathway between the septo-hippocampal system and the pre-frontal cortex
      • McGuigan
        • Larynx active during auditory hallucinations= mistaken inner speech for someone else
      • Johns
        • 3 groups
          • Sz with verbal hallucinations and delusions
          • Sz with delusions but not hallucinations
          • Healthy controls
        • Conditions
          • Read aloud
          • Read aloud with acoustic distortion of own voice
          • Read aloud while hearing someone else's voice (alien feedback)
          • Distorted alien feedback
        • Both groups of sz ps mis-attributed source of own distorted voice/ no difference in attributing source of alien feedback
        • Use of control group/ differentiated between delusions and hallucination
        • Equated difficulty
        • Lack of ecological validity
    • Socio-Cultural Explanations
      • Life Events
        • Hirsch et al
          • Life Events and Difficulties Scale
            • 23% relapse rate after 1 year, due to life events
        • Prospective not retrospective
          • Ruled out timings of life events being dependent on memory that could be distorted to try and 'explain' episdoe
      • Families' interpersonal communication
        • Bateson et al
          • Double-Bind Theory
            • Communication destructive and contradictory
        • Ringuette and Kennedy
          • Clinicians analyse contents of letters from parents to hospitalised children
            • Double-bind content consistent regardless of disorder


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