Psychodynamic Approach - Psychosexual Stages

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  • Psycho Dynamic Approach - Psychosexual Stages
    • Freud claimed that child development occured in 5 stages
      • Each stage is marked by a different conflict that the child must resolve in order to progress successfully to the next stage
        • Any psychosexual conflict that is unresolved leads to fixation where the child becomes stuck and carries out certain behaviours and conflicts associated with that stage through adult life
    • ORAL
    • ANAL
      • 3-5 years, focus of pleasure is genital area, child experiences OC or EC.
      • Phallic personality - narcissistic, reckless, homeless
      • Earlier conflicts a repressed, 6-12
      • Difficulty from heterosexual relationships
      • Sexual desires become conscious alongside the onset of puberty
  • 0-1 years, focus of pleausre is the mouth, mothers breast is object of desire
  • Consequence of unresolved conflict is oral fixation - smoking, biting, nails, sarcastic
  • 1-3 years, focus of pleasure is the anus, child gains pleasure from withholding and expelling faeces
  • Consequence of unresolved conflict is anal retentive - perfection, obsessive OR anal repulsive - thoughtless, messy.


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