'Pseudolus' by Plautus

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  • Pseudolus
    • "Clever Slave" stock type
      • He creates the plan in which Phoeniciumis given to Calidorus
    • Frequently uses military language
      • "the auspices plainly propitious- I am ready to lead my ranked battalions forward to the field"
      • "We'll take by storm this citidel of pimpery"
      • "I've got all my forces lined up in my mind, arts, and stratagems-two and three deep"
      • "Besiege and capture the position before the day is out"
    • Use of mock heroic language
      • "wheresoever we may grapple with the adversary - and I say this, my friends, in the confidence inspired by the valour of my forebears, by my own determination and unscrupulous villainy - victory is certain"
    • Anaphora - the repetition of words
      • "this enemy, our common enemy, my enemy and yours, this Ballio, will be scientificaly and ballisticaly destroyed"
    • Loyalty to his master's son Calidorus
      • "But cheer up, I'll never desert a master in love"
    • Personality
      • He even tells people not to trust a word that he says - "be on your guard"
        • Pseudolus means 'liar' in Greek
    • Self aware
      • he hasn't much of a clue what he will do to solve his master's issues and knows that he has entertained his master with a feast of words
    • Talks in images
      • Metaphor of weaving, compares himself to a poet and a poet's art.
      • Says he is going to invent 200 drachmas, whioch does not exist at present


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