Pseudolus in a Nutshell

Summary of Plautus' play, Pseudolus

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Pseudolus and Calidorus talk about Calidorus' problem and Pseudolus laughs at Phoenicium's writing. Calidorus says he has no money and Pseudolus offers to help

Ballio bullies his servants and slave girls while Calidorus and Pseudolus eavesdrop. Calidorus wants to stop Ballio but Pseudolus holds him back- he has a plan

Ballio tells Calidorus he could have got the money if he wanted and Pseudolus promises to bring it if he will wait 5/6 days before selling Phoenicium

Ballio tells them he has already sold Phoenicium to a Macedonian officer, then Calidorus and Pseudlous' catalogue of insults

Pseudolus' monologue- tells audience his plan, then eavesdrops on Simo and Callipho and comments on their conversation about Calidorus

Pseudolus stands up to Simo, but Simo accuses him of trying to get the money from him, but Pseudolus says that Simo will give him the money

He speaks to the audience- doesn't know how he will carry out his plan and introduces the interval/musical interlude

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Another monologue- Pseudolus' plan is going well. Harpax arrives and Pseudolus hides himself, then pretends to be Syrus (sub-Ballio)

Harpax doesn't trust him, but gives him the letter and the seal, and goes to a tavern where he is staying

Monologue- Pseudolus boasts about his skill at lying and expresses glee at his new plan

Calidorus brings his friend, Charinus, but Pseudolus is not impressed and sends them to find a slave

Ugly boy monologue- he will be killed if he doesn't buy Ballio a birthday present

Ballio and the Cook enter. Ballio thinks the Cook is a scoundrel, Cook thinks highly of himself

Simo has warned Ballio that Pseudolus is trying to get Phoenicium from him

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Pseudolus enters and Simia swaggers in after him. Banter between them, while Pseudolus fusses over him and praises his villainry

Ballio enters, Pseudolus hides, Simia pretends to be Harpax and Pseudolus provides a commentary

Simia gets Phoenicium and Ballio boasts that Pseudolus won't get her

Simo arrives and Ballio tells him he has succeeded

Harpax arrives and Ballio refuses to believe him until he mentions Pseudolus as Syrus

Harpax wants 2000 drachmas back, and Simo wants 2000 drachmas from their bet, as he needs to give it to Pseudolus for their bet

Pseudolus, drunk, staggers in and sings a song and tells a story. Simo enters, hiding the bag of money

Pseudolus begins to humiliate Simo, but gives in and makes him go drinking instead

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