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  • Proteins
    • Dipetide- Two amino acids
    • Polypetide- More than two amino acids
    • Protein- 1+ Polypeptide
    • Amino acids are linked by condensation reactions.
      • Water molecule realesed.
      • Peptide bond formed.
    • Biuret test:
      • 1. Add sodium hydroxide (soloution needs to be alkaline).
      • 2. Add copper sulphate.
      • 3. Purple- Protein, Blue- No protein.
    • Four Structual Levels:
      • 1. Primary= Amino acids are joined in a long polypeptide chain.
      • 2. Secondary= Hydrogen bonds form. This causes chain to coil (a-helix) or fold (Beta pleated sheet).
      • 3. Tertiary= Coiled or folded chain, is coiled/folded further. More bonds form.
      • 4. Quaternary= Different polypeptide chains can be joined together in the protein molecule.


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