Properties and Uses of Metals

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  • Properties and uses of Metals
    • Properties
      • Strong
      • Shiny when polished
      • Malleable (can be hammered into shape)
      • Ductile (can be drawn out into wire)
      • Conduct heat well
      • Conduct electricity well
    • Transition metals
      • Good conductors of heat and electricity
      • Can be hammered into shape
      • Useful as structural materials
      • Useful for making things that allow heat or electricity through them
    • Aluminium
      • Low density
      • Doesn't corrode
    • Titanium
      • Low density
      • Doesn't corrode
      • Much stronger
      • Very expensive and has specialist uses
    • Copper
      • Very good conductor of electricity and heat
      • Doesn't react with water
      • Can be bent but hard enough to be used as water pipes
    • Pure Iron
      • Too soft to be of much use
      • Can be converted into an alloy - steel
      • Stainless steel doesn't corrode
        • An alloy of iron and small amounts of chromium and nickel


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