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  • Alloys
    • Properties
      • Stronger
      • Alloying changes properties
      • Different elements have different sized atoms
        • Adding other elements to a metal disrupts the layers
          • Makes it harder for layers to slide over each other
    • Properties and Uses of Steel
      • Tiny amounts of carbon added to iron results in a harder more brittle form of steel
        • Suitable for blades of cutting tools
      • Chromium and nickel added to iron to make stainless steel
        • Excellent material for pans and cutlery
    • Other types of Alloys
      • Pure gold is too soft
        • Hardened by adding metals such as zinc, copper and silver
      • Tin can be added to copper to form bronze
      • Aluminium is strong and light
        • Made harder by alloying it with small amounts of other similar metals


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