Propaganda and sensoring

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  • Propaganda and sensoring
    • Propaganda was used to get people to join the army and to keep spirits high
    • Over a million posters were made in 1914
      • Helped to generate feelings of duty, honour, and hatred for the Germans
    • A lot of British propaganda featured the fictional character Lord Kitchner
    • Censorship followed a "good news only" policy
      • Things like newspapers were tightly controlled to keep moral high
      • To keep people working hard towards the war effort
    • In 1915 a secret War Propaganda Bureau was set up
      • Produce things like posters, leaflets etc.
      • Give everyone a reminder of their duties during war time
    • Other forms of propoganda
      • Films (eg. The Battle of the Somme)
      • Staged photographs
      • Radio control


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