How effective was propaganda during the war?

A mindmap on how effective government propaganda was during the war, summarising key points.

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  • How effective was propaganda during the war?
    • -The government tried to make the people feel that they were fighting a 'just war' and that the Germans were evil and needed to be stopped
    • - The government used propaganda to ensure the attitudes of the people remained positive towards the war effort
    • -As the war went on, soldiers realised the atrocities of war, and that it was not a glorious game to be 'over by Christmas'
    • -Dora made it sure that what the press printed was approved by the government, and most newspapers were happy to print what the government wanted.
    • -Most propaganda did not consist of outright lies or distortions, but most propaganda was information the government wanted presented in the most favourable way.
  • -In the early stages of the war, propaganda was hardly needed as so many people were positive about the war


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