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  • Prohibition
    • Why Introduced?
      • Claimed alcohol led to violence, immoral behaviour, breakdown of family life
      • Growth of temperance movement
        • Members agreed not to drink alcohol and campaigned to get others to give up alcohol
        • Main movements: Anti - Saloon League and Women's Christian Temperance Union
          • So strong in some rural areas persuaded their state gov to prohibit sale of alchol within state
          • Became known as 'dries'
      • WW1: most breweries run by German immigrants - portrayed as enemies. Jan 1920 Volstead Act
    • Why Didnt Prohibition Work?
      • Bootleggers: sold on redistilled industrial alcohol
      • Speakeasies: illegal drinking clubs with secret passwords at the door
      • Moonshine: made thier own liquour - st home in illegal 'stills' deadly, cause serious posioning/ blindness
      • Hijackers: stole smuggled alcohol
      • Rum - runners: smuggled alcohol from Europe, west indies, canada and mexico
      • Organised crime and corruption
        • Criminal gangs - activity and power increased
        • Rival gangs fought each other to supply speak easies, hijacking and murdering the opposition
        • Police bribed to turn a blind eye
        • Corruption: a lot of bribes, gov people involved
    • Chicago: gang warfare led to 1300 murders - Al Capone gang leader
      • Worked for Johnny Torrio (Chicago gangster)
        • Torrio assassinated, taking over him in 1925
          • Capone making $60m a year from alcohol, £45m gambling, dance halls and race tracks
      • Used provate army to intimidate voters and fight rival gangs
        • 1929 7 members of rival gang machine - gunned in St Valentines Day Massacre
          • using false police car and 2 gangsters in police uniform
            • Capone sentenced 11 years tax evasion 1931, poor health, retired Florida died 1947
    • Prohibition Ended 1933
      • Seen as cause of violence
        • Untitled
      • Public demand ofr alcohol
      • GD - legalising alcohol - jobs, prosperity, raise tex revenue to gov


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