Problems With The NEP/Peasants

Mind map on the problems with the NEP and the problems with the Peasants in Stalin's Russia during the late 1920's

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  • Problems With The NEP
    • Thousands of workers did not have jobs at all
    • The gap between the workers and the upper class was too large
      • Workers had to live in poor, overcrowded houses.
    • The peasants/market traders charged too high prices
    • Women were forced out of their jobs or to move from skilled to unskilled work after the Red Army was demobilized
      • Large numbers of jobless, unsupported women ended up on the streets
    • Thousands of young people were parent-less and rootless, forming gangs and raising crime levels in the city ruining the 'worker paradise'
  • Problems With The Peasants
    • They didn't produce enough grain
      • They didn't have the equipment
    • Relied on traditional agricultural methods
    • The peasants had a bad relationship with the Government
    • People had small areas of land so they ate most of what they produced
    • Peasants began to feed grain to animals instead of selling it
    • They had no use for surplus money
    • Grain had to be seiged, peasants recieved no money


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