German problems 1958-61 and Paris Peace Summit 1960

A mind map on the problems in Berlin and Germany between 1958 and 1961 and the Paris Peace Summit that took place in May 1960 including the inital thoughts of President Kennedy who took office in 1961

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  • Problems in Berlin and Germany 1958-61 and Paris Peace Summit 1960
    • USSR told the west they must recognise the GDR (East Germany) and accept West Berlin as an independent, free city
      • If not the Russians threatened to surrender control of Berlin border controls to the East Germans
      • Western powers ignored Russian threats
        • Khrushchev removed his ultimatum following a suggestion for a summit by Macmillan
    • Camp David talks in 1959
      • Khrushchev first Soviet leader to visit the USA
      • Issues discussed included disarmament and Berlin
      • Agreed to settle problems by diplomacy rather than by force
      • Almost certainly damaged Soviet relations with China
    • Paris Peace Summit May 1960
      • Khrushchev wanted to ensure there were no missiles in the pacific and a deal over Berlin
        • Peaceful coexistance vital for him
        • China would not agree to terms it had not been part of deciding
      • Summit collapsed when American U-2 plane was shot down over Russia
        • Allowed Soviet's to calm Chinese anger
      • Kennedy became President in 1961
        • Seemed to take an approach away from peaceful coexistance
        • Increased the defence budget and conventional forces
        • Kennedy refused to compromise on Berlin
    • Ongoing problems in Germany
      • Between 1948 and 1959 around 188000 trained people left East Germany for the West


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